Friday, 29 July 2011

The Friday Flush

For today's Friday Flush we are visiting the toilets on the top floor of the Army and Navy department store in Exeter.

Time of visit: Monday 25th July 2011, 12.20pm. Weather conditions: Sunny and warm.

This is a thriving toileting facility within the heart of Exeter; it has a light, bright, congenial atmosphere conducive for a good toileting experience, although it is somewhat let down by the decor, which is drab, tatty and hints at mould growing on the window frames.
This facility is popular with ladies who lunch/shop/work/watch Coronation Street and like ice cream. The average age of users is between 12 and 76. This facility is also popular with women who like sandwiches and bakery products bought from the adjoining Army and Navy Cafeteria. Toileting is free although cakes cost extra.
Due to the popularity of this venue it was difficult for me to take photographs of the public area or the hand washing/drying facilities without drawing attention to myself. My furtive activities were further hindered by the janitor [a man], who was mopping the floor.

There were approximately six cubicles for private toileting. I am under 5ft and weigh 7 stone but I found the cubicle to be a little narrow.

As you can see from the above photograph this cubicle has been used by too many short women with pointy elbows who have caused the toilet roll dispenser to be displaced.

The lock on the door worked, but was less than attractive.

Unfortunately it took several attempts to flush this loo properly.

General Overview: I found these toileting facilities to be of a basic standard for the UK. Overall they were clean and smelt pleasant due to the abundance of aroma sticks artfully arranged in small vases by each sink. Water came out of the taps when operated, which was neither too hot, cold or warm. Soap was provided. The auto hand-dryer was adequate if a little antiquated and did not double up as a hair dryer. There was a wall mounted baby changing table which was dusty from lack of use.
Would I visit again? Yes, due its proximity to the Clinique and Estee Lauder beauty counters on the ground floor.

Overall score: 5/10  Basic facilities.

Friday, 22 July 2011

The Friday Flush

At last I bring you the much anticipated *drum roll* Friday Flush!! Which is my new 'thing'. My new thing that I will be doing every Friday. And today is Friday!!!

Every Friday I will be posting about a lavatory that I've visited during the week. It might be a public toilet; it might be a Ladies in a restaurant... or, if I'm feeling daring, it may be a urinal in a pub. To cut a long story short, the Friday Flush is about loos and ablutions.
BUT, I will also be grading the porcelain and will be giving marks out of ten for the following attributes: cleanliness; convenience of use [i.e whether there is an ample supply of toilet paper in easy reach]; smell; decor; hand washing/drying facilities; state of repair [i.e whether the locks on the doors work] and most importantly flushability [self-explanatory - none of us likes to leave ugly reminders of our visits].

So there you go [no pun intended], and to get the ball-cocks bobbing, let's have a look at my plumbing...

Please note my shiny faucet.

Obviously, these toileting facilities are of a very high standard and will set the precedent. BUT, I only give myself 9/10 because I don't like my towels.

If there is any other grading category that you can think of, then please let me know. Thank you for your patience. Sx

Monday, 18 July 2011

Do Your Thing...

Recently I have begun to feel quite left out as everybody seems to have a weekly 'thing' going on except me. For example, MJ has a whole wad of weekly 'things' such as Filthy Friday and Wenis Wednesday... and it is possible that she will soon have Tuned Up Tuesday [featuring highly strung instruments of an erect constitution] and Mopped Up Monday [a series highlighting the merits of the Dyson crevice attachment when used inappropriately with fluids]. And it's not only MJ who has a 'thing' or two... Mr Joey has Wardrobe Wednesday, where he gives us a flash of what's going on inside his closet; and Dave does this weird 'thing' every Sunday where he slaps pictures of score boards into his post and rambles on about leg-overs and cream teas - I haven't quite gotten my head around Dave's 'thing' yet, but I always try to do my best and leave a comment.
Anyhow, I want a weekly 'thing'. And a 'thing' is what I'm going to have. So on Friday I will be bringing you something new to get flushed about. I promise. And maybe, when I'm feeling better [been feeling ever so slightly mopey lately], I will get my head in gear and write another advert post...

Sunday, 10 July 2011


I am beginning to believe that the series Star Trek was extremely forward thinking with its Borg and Ferengi characters. The Ferengi people were dominated by the desire to make as much money as possible, whilst the Borg wanted to assimilate everything in sight. Somehow I'm making a connection between Borg, Ferengi and the social connectivity/manic marketing on the internet. Am I the only one who is seeing this... or am I having a funny moment?! And is resistance futile? Where is Mr Coppens to answer these questions????

Meanwhile, I have plans for this blog!!! Exciting plans with lots of revealing pictures!!! There will be cleanliness!! There will be KNICKERS... it might all turn out to be pants....

And a tune, let's have a tune....

Then again... where is Mr Coppens to explain this post?