Sunday, 21 August 2011


This time last week I read an article about how social networking deprives people of the real life experience of synchronicity, and I thought, yes, that's probably very true. But since I read this I've stumbled across synchronicity through a multitude of blog posts. I've had a peculiar week, and to be honest, I find too much synchronicity a little unsettling.
There is only one way to dispel myself of this unsettled feeling and that is to write three unconnected paragraphs to break the curse. I will pick the first three pieces of text that I have to hand.

1) A favourite tune from iPod:

...though I like The Fun Boy Three version better...

2) An Extract from a diary written in 1980 by a 15yr old:

....Mike tried to work out my eye colour, greenish yellow. YELLOW, I howled. Mike's got nice eyes. Pity he's so big headed. He'd be quite nice if he had manners. Second lesson was science, we kept telling Mr Ashley that we didn't know what transition elements were. He gave us a test, the highest mark was 5/10 by Sue. I got 4/10, he wants us to manage 15/20 next time, he'll be lucky, I'm sure.

3) A passage from a music essay:
....By polyphonic, he means that the composition has a texture in which several parts, in this case, instruments, intertwine, each having its own melodic line. This is also known as counterpoint. The term 'fugue' also refers to the different instrumental parts entering the piece of music successively in imitation of each other. The 'brief motives' he refers to, are the short musical phrases or ideas. The use of counterpoint gives this piece a mechanical sounding rhythm, to some it may sound discordant or jarring to the ear....

Damn the synchronicity. It is after me I tell you. I will try again next week.

Other news: I will be very busy next week and won't be able to comment manically on blogs like I usually do. I will return with a toilet story very soon though.


Sunday, 14 August 2011

The Sunday Scoop

Venue: Carluccio's, Princesshay, Exeter, EX1 1GJ
Time and date: 1.00pm, 31/07/2011
Weather conditions: Overcast

If you want to spend a penny today then why not pop over to Carluccio's in Exeter? This is a splendid Toileting facility set within a popular eating establishment. Each toileting unit is individually fully furnished and well equipped with everything that the adventurous toileter should require. There is even an abundance of shiny chrome.

Highlights of visit: Very clean and spacious enough even for those of us with sharp pointy elbows. Excellent Niagara-esque flush ability.

Lowlights of visit: Mirror placement is difficult to negotiate meaning I had to clamber onto the toilet seat to re-apply my lipstick, which was a little awkward.
The overhead lighting casts a warm glow, giving those of us with naturally fair hair a gingery hue.

Overall Score: 8/10