Sunday, 21 August 2011


This time last week I read an article about how social networking deprives people of the real life experience of synchronicity, and I thought, yes, that's probably very true. But since I read this I've stumbled across synchronicity through a multitude of blog posts. I've had a peculiar week, and to be honest, I find too much synchronicity a little unsettling.
There is only one way to dispel myself of this unsettled feeling and that is to write three unconnected paragraphs to break the curse. I will pick the first three pieces of text that I have to hand.

1) A favourite tune from iPod:

...though I like The Fun Boy Three version better...

2) An Extract from a diary written in 1980 by a 15yr old:

....Mike tried to work out my eye colour, greenish yellow. YELLOW, I howled. Mike's got nice eyes. Pity he's so big headed. He'd be quite nice if he had manners. Second lesson was science, we kept telling Mr Ashley that we didn't know what transition elements were. He gave us a test, the highest mark was 5/10 by Sue. I got 4/10, he wants us to manage 15/20 next time, he'll be lucky, I'm sure.

3) A passage from a music essay:
....By polyphonic, he means that the composition has a texture in which several parts, in this case, instruments, intertwine, each having its own melodic line. This is also known as counterpoint. The term 'fugue' also refers to the different instrumental parts entering the piece of music successively in imitation of each other. The 'brief motives' he refers to, are the short musical phrases or ideas. The use of counterpoint gives this piece a mechanical sounding rhythm, to some it may sound discordant or jarring to the ear....

Damn the synchronicity. It is after me I tell you. I will try again next week.

Other news: I will be very busy next week and won't be able to comment manically on blogs like I usually do. I will return with a toilet story very soon though.



  1. 1. After the music finished, YouTube offered a clip from The Battle Of Britain as a suggestion! One of my favorite movies!

    2. I enjoyed chemistry, except for the math part.

    3. My music teach encouraged me to play the trumpet pianissimo ... with a mute.

  2. i didn't know there was a club! ;) xoxoxox

  3. Mike could learn from Welsh Harry who said :
    'green flecked with gold.'
    I'll take that I thought:)

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  5. well, i'm sorry to add to your synchronicity streak, but i cannot resist because just yesterday i said the very very same EXACT words to another friend in blogland - this past week i was bombarded - NOT necessarily in a good way - with big and little synchro snippets from the universe and beyond - i mean, one after another - enough so that i, like you, had to disconnect myself a bit - this morning i get online and you are the second blog i visit - and voila' - more - in any event, my apologies for adding to your own but i thought it too interesting to let pass - have a great day, lady!

    oops - saw a typo and had to re-do!

  6. love the welsh harry green flecked with gold quote! ;)

  7. Hello Miss Scarlet:
    Is fate different or the same? We certainly believe in fate!!!!

    We hope that your week goes swimmingly....synchronised of course!!

  8. You and I have had a number of STC crashes (Space-time continuum), have we not?

  9. 1980... 15 year-old... it's your Mum's diary, isn't it?

  10.'s an Olympic pool sport I think

  11. I went to Synchronicity once - found it a bit weird though xx

  12. In an completely unrelated incident, I was in in the toilets at a NT property, House of Tarvit, today - and my first thought was Scarlet would love this for the pre war wooden seat and cistern alone

    That was the visitors toilet - not the Edwardian one on display upstairs....

  13. Social networking enables synchronicity with geographically remote people - which increases the liklihood that they'll arrange a little-bit of close-up synchronicity

  14. Who calls a city "Synchroni"? Is this part of a project, "London - Synchroni der Großstadt"? It could also be a Korean car name - "Drive the Synchroni, and you'll have tons of boyfriends!" (That was originally for Rülpsi-Cola, sorry.)

  15. Elizabethan Serenade does it for me

  16. I'm not sure I know what synchronicity means, I thought it had something to do with Dad's Army, yet this posts suggests not.

    I'll be busy next week too, and it has everything to do with toilets. You have inspired me, it's so exciting.

  17. I preferred Synchronicity 2! :¬)


  18. How extraordinary. I was going to post the exact three items on my blog. Synchronicity or what? It's all so unsettling I shall have to visit the toilet.

  19. Love that old Miss Marple theme

  20. I had to google the word. ((oo))

    Can't wait for the loo shot.

  21. Well this is a jolly poor show...

    Mr Lax: I had to put an old sock in my saxophone.

    Savvy: Would you like to be a Blue Club Member? I will add you if you would like.

    Pat: I like Welsh Harry ;-)
    ...and rarebit.

    Gypsywoman: I think the sychronicity ghoul has left me now. Disconnection has left me feeling far more rested.

    The Top Hats: Fate is a curious thing... I'm not sure, but synchronicity is one step away from madness!

    Ponita: Yes! How peculiar! The fifth and final album by The Police.

    MJ: I have had plenty of STC crashes recently with you.. and almost another with somebody else on your blog yesterday!

    Dave: Indeed! It's a fascinating document.

    Mr Bene: like Esther Williams... I am dangerous when wet...

    Lulu: I prefer electricity - it has more of a buzz.

    Macy: Take pics! Take pics! I have guest posts coming up.


  22. Wendy: Very true! And very enjoyable!

    Mr Mags: Surely there must also be an aftershave called Synchronicity? I perceive it as being a male word?!

    Mr Nikos: A lolly and a donkey ride often does it for me...

    Eryl: Oh yes, I've seen your current post in Google Reader! I'm sure it's going to look wonderful...oh... I could feature the finished result here....????

    Mr Maps: Nah! 3 was far superior.

    Nick: You will have to go with your in depth analysis of Margaret Rutherford's biography instead.

    Ms Nurse: So do I. It's very jolly.

    Mr Joey: Joey meet Eryl, Eryl meet Joey.... you are both in the process of doing up your bathrooms.
    I would like pics of both when you are done! I already have the before pics...


    Still very busy... and slightly subdued.

  23. Now there's a story. Her official biography was written by Dawn Langley Simmons, who had had gender reassignment surgery after being born Gordon Langley Hall. Rutherford herself had severe bouts of depression which were kept hidden from the public.

  24. yes, a good song,
    but otherwise most confused.

  25. Really !? - for me it has a female "ring " to it. The aftershave ad would feature a pretty androgyn person. Of course chronos is male, but all this "icities" ...

  26. Nick: She did indeed suffer. She is a fascinating woman.

    Ms Norma: ...and perplexing.

    Mr Mags: You are just thinking 'Titties' aren't you?


  27. I am more than just a nice pair of thinking titties!

  28. After the Youtube video I was then offered Murder At The Gallop - by Ron Goodwin. Isn't that strange? "I've gone goosepimply all over" (or something similar)

    I had an experience the other week. I was in the car listening to the radio, the presenters were talking about Tony Bennett's forthcoming album. I turned to Carmen and said "whoever next... Doris Day!" I turned over to radio 2 and got the tail end of a song with the presenter saying "That was Heaven Tonight, the new single by Doris Day" well, it's a good job I wasn't driving, otherwise I would have ended up in the gutter, I was so spooked.

  29. While I am on holiday I shall look out for any examples of the vernacular Scottish toilet style* and let you have photos.

    *Tartan loo paper?

  30. Synchronicity

    It’s no coincidence that when you decide you want to buy a car suddenly you see the type of car that you want everywhere or that when someone uses a word that you are not familiar with the word starts to jump out at you like muggers with end of year quotas to meet. It’s just your mind bring some unconscious debris* into your awareness zone.

    * All that happens and that you see and hear is all in there even if you are unaware of it.

  31. Yay! 33rd Comment on a blog that started with a picture of a 33rpm record.

  32. Mitzi: I have a very spooky tale about a radio intervention, which would probably even impress Mr Logs! I will save it for halloween.

    Mr Logs: Yes I know. *slaps Mr Logs for being a smarty-pants*

    Rog: I like it!!
    I am going to be 34th... which makes me totally meaningless.


  33. ...I am outta here...


  34. Earl who blogs as The Verdant Dude heard Toota nd the Maytals 54/46 on the radio as he clicked on White Rabbit to discover I'd just posted exactly that song.

    Spooky huh?

    wv: prommunb