Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Guzzle Puzzle...?

I have these just before I indulge myself with a sherbet fountain.

Thursday, 1 September 2011

Wendy's Flush

Oh blimey weird new interface on Blogger.... And a guest post! From pal Wendy at Wendy House. Here she tells us about a rather glamorous toileting experience in Reading... which is good because all my new ones seem to be from the West Country... or Exeter. I will hand you over to Wendy...

Venue: Abbot Cook, 153 London Road, Reading, RG1 5DE
Website: The Abbot Cook in Reading Time and date: 1.07pm, 14/08/2011
Weather conditions: Sunny with torrential downpours.

Cemetery Junction, is a well known Reading town traffic black spot, but getting caught-short in a traffic jam isn't a problem for people with insider knowledge. I'd recommend pulling into the Abbot Cook for a wee visual, treat. There's no missing the cheerful visual splash at the end of the bar! A textured vibrant mural across the toilet doorways. Squinting does help to find the polite 'Ladies' and "Gents signs on the golden doorframes.

No scent wafting from the doorways [flowery or potty] is a good sign. When on the other side of the doors it takes a couple of minutes for your eyes to adjust to the darkness of a black room with white fittings. I pressed my nose against the OCD-thrillingly clean large black tiles. Sparkling reflections on all walls, sinks, mirrors and dastardly-efficient hot-air hand-dryer, confirmed the local vampires don't hang-out here. Safe. The cubicle equipment is a disapointment compared to the colourful then black entrance experiences. A white toilet bowl, plastic sanitary disposal bin and do-it-yourself bowl-brush does the job, providing no more thrills. Despite the little let-down, I'll be returning on another weekend for a Sunday lunch, live Jazz and a vampire-free dump.

Thank you Wendy! Luckily I have another gust [or guest?] post from Mr Lax on standby to break up my fixation wih Devon loos. Meanwhile, I am still very busy. Sx