Thursday, 27 October 2011

Real Blog Revelations....

I closed my blog because of Dave East. Since 2009, I strongly believe that he has been masquerading as a female blogger called 'Jane P'. We, meaning me, Rog, Zoe, Macy, and Roses worked this out Sunday night/Monday morning... after hell of a lot of detective work. As Jane P, We believe Dave pretended to be a young woman who had had several cancer scares. Kaz and I were two of Jane's commenters.
Dave was also a commenter, and I was led to believe that he offered Jane help and support through her difficult times. I thought highly of Dave because he had been so caring and supportive of Jane.
Recently, Macy asked me whether she should go on a blog meet with Dave and without hesitation I reassured her that Dave was a kind and caring individual... I also told her how wonderful he had been with Jane.... but now it turns out that Dave was Jane all along...

The Jane blog has now been deleted, but I feel rather soiled by the whole thing. And livid, as I totally believed that I was commenting on a blog of a young lonely woman who was afraid of being diagnosed with cancer. Jane also used to write about how lovely Scarlet was... and about how wonderful Dave was... and that Dave and Scarlet should really get married and live happily ever after - no Dave, that was never ever going to happen.

In Dave's defence, he does suffer from debilitating illness and he is lonely, but this does not give him the right to con other bloggers. I was quite fond of Dave, he was one of my most regular visitors. He does have the capacity to be very witty and entertaining. I don't believe he set out to deliberately hurt anyone and he is very afraid of his deteriorating health. Perhaps he couldn't say this as Dave. One of Jane's most poignant lines was simply: I'm scared and alone.
And now, because of all this he probably feels even more scared and alone. Something that does not sit well with me.

If Kaz was here today I'm sure she would be pissing herself laughing, she might even suggest that Dave should stay in touch with his feminine side and that he should make a huge comeback as Jaunty Jane the nubile nun from Norfolk... then at least we wouldn't have to read all the dreary cricket posts.

I am still feeling rather shaken by this incident and will be taking an extended blogging break; I think I should move on now and chalk it up to experience.

This is for Macy, Roses, Rog and Zoe. Dave's theme:


  1. Shit!
    What a blow ...
    hmmm, don't really know what to write Ms S.
    Well done team S for sussing it out, and for magnanimity.
    Bad luck for being conned.
    Or, are you having the last laugh, as in, are you really Dave? Or am I?
    Obviously, I'm assuming not and does that make me/us all complacently naive?

    Isn't the internet weird.

    Virtual Chin Up!

  2. So I'll be patiently waiting for Christmas.

  3. Ah, now I know the whole story. And what a seedy, deceitful little story it is. But I hope you don't stop blogging, yours is one of the most entertaining blogs I visit. Don't be deterred by one rather nasty experience.

  4. As only a relative recent visitor to the Scarlet Blue I’m sad that someone’s actions has made you sad and mistrustful of blogging. I guess I’m lucky in that for me blogging is a bit of fun and a way of recording snippets of my (our*) very ordinary life – the fact that anyone outside the family and a few friends reads it is a real bonus - there is something very rewarding to know that people from around the world drop in and occasionally seem to enjoy the content.

    * Mrs B, McG, Mischief and The Beast

    Isn't Dave’s** actions indicative of today’s society where people contently create persona’s for themselves - even when meeting people in real life - I guess scared that they feel that they are not interesting enough in themselves . I never got into that whole dating game – telling people you are a pilot or a rock star or a frog spawn specialist. My dull and uninteresting self was enough to win over Mrs Bs heart – I can’t imagine how we would have stayed together for over 25 years if we had started out telling each other that we were something other than what we are..... It was hard enough telling a real life Russian princess (Mrs B - who had given up her inheritance to Stalin’s thrown after a rather heated discussion over the number of members of her family that he had had killed) that the reason that I was sharing a small house with a friend in Leytonstone was because the silver spoon that I was born with had been stolen by Moriarty and until it was returned I would not be able to rise to my true position as the king of Europe...

    ** harking back to your apostrophe revelation – The Grammar Nazis can go suck on some plumbs – me and grammar have a long and sad history of misunderstanding each other – if people can’t take the massacre of the English langue then they should stay clear of the BlackLOG – although to be fair Mrs B does actually attempt to clean up most of my crimes against the English language and even spell checker seems to at last have got the hang of my inabilities and seems to pick up the worst of them.

    Enjoy the break and I hope you comeback refreshed and ready to go again in the New Year...

    P.S. Did you manage to track down any Love & Money and if yes what did you think - don’t worry feel free to be brutally honest...

  5. Sorry to hear your troubles Scarls! Don't stay away too long!

    From Mr. Maps (And it's JUST me, nobody else here, I can barely cope with the one life!) :¬)


  6. Ah. I'm so sorry to hear this. I'd actually been trying to get on your blog a number of times this past week or so but couldn't find it.

    The majority of the time, I believe we are communicating with people who are who they say they are, give or take a name change or two. But to be outright lied to?? For sport? Amusement purposes? Out of boredom?

    I'm having a similar problem, in ways, with a man by the name of dusty/michelle/anonymous, a person who leaves cryptic, delusional, and haphazardly capitalized messages (10 or more a day -- so, hey! my numbers are up!!) that I mark as spam and delete. I have his IP address, I have his physical address (damn Canadian!), contacted his service provider, and have reported him to Blogger. I'm a nice, fairly liberal-minded person, but this guy is getting on my nerves.

    I'm female, I live in Mpls, and heaven help me, I'm fast coming up on 50 years old,


  7. Just to clear up any misconceptions, I'm not really a woman.

  8. My avatar is an actual photo of me!

  9. Scarls, it's a horrible experience and far more common than it ought to be. Hope the break helps you get over the experience and come back stronger - as a previous commenter said, your contribution to blogger is appreciated, don't let the baddun stop you connecting with your Club Blue fans :-)

    Much love
    Bux xxxxx

  10. von LX is right!

  11. Blimey - what a tale!
    No wonder you're feeling singed.
    Thanks for talking about though.

  12. Singed is the correct word!!

    Thank you for all the comments on this post... and this post has been up and down like a vicar's tart's knickers!!

  13. If there's a Tarts & Vicars party on, I'm in!

  14. You're not the first to be fooled by a false blogger posing as someone else, posing as someone suffering from cancer, etc. I wish I could say I hadn't seen much fo this, but after blogging for 7 years I have seen it several times. It is always a shock. It always feels like a huge betrayal. And it always happens again later with some new blogger.

  15. I'm transgender does that make me a fraud too!!

  16. Steve: Thanks for your comment, and yes, I think I will always find stuff like this shocking. I thought it would harden me up and make me more cautious... but I still wear my heart on my sleeve - actually I'm pleased that it hasn't dented my attitude.

    Mr Joey: Don't be daft!!