Tuesday, 14 February 2012


I caught Mr Beastie gazing at my tittles the other day. What can I say, I can't blame him... sometimes they are impressively placed.... perhaps on occasion, too high... and sometimes I leave them out all night because I am forgetful.

Click to make tittles big.

HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY, and may all your tittles be warm ones.


  1. Yes, having them out all night may lead to cold tittles and instable virgels, and nobody wants to have that! We better care for pointy tittles and erect virgels.

    Happy Valentine's day MsScarlet!

  2. LOL you are a darling and daring girl, sugar! happy van halentine's day, sugar! xoxoxoxx

  3. I have a preference for serifs myself.

    Happy VD!

  4. Mr Mags: My tittles are good and round, I'll have you know!

    Savvy: Happy Valentine's Day!! And I'm looking forward to the impending news!

    Rog: My best tittles on display!

    Mr Lax: Wait, have you seen my tittles during an ellipsis?? A sight to behold.
    Happy VD to you too!


  5. Beautiful tittles, darling! X

  6. Eryl: Thank you!!

    Mr Scurra and Mr John: For futher clarification and BIGGER PICS OF TITTLES, please go HERE.
    Thank you.


  7. I've always prefered it Greek myself.
    Happy Valentine's Day ♡ Sugar Nibs!

  8. What a fantastic pair of TITTLES.

  9. gosh, Ms S. you must have a very steady hand. Happy V-Day

  10. Tittles??? Oh WAH! I thought you wrote TITTIES!! Whoa hah hahahahahah

    TSK as if....!

  11. Sometimes(often!) my hand shakes and my tittles slip sideways. Or even downwards.But my I can flourish a duster on the dresser with panache!

  12. If you ask me, this is just a lot of romantic tittle-tattle.

  13. Your tittles are exquisite, dear Scarlet... and you certainly can't blame Mr. Beastie from having a gander. I just don't know how you do it!

    Happy Valentine's Day to you!!

  14. I clicked on this blog because I am a pervert. Now, I am a disappointed pervert.

  15. you're a very talented calligrapher Scarlet

  16. Mitzi: Πράγματι, mitzi, Αγίου ευχαρίστως την εβδομάδα!

    Dicky: Thank you! Tomorrow I will be dicussing my tattles.

    Kev: They are fresh and springy!

    Wendy: ....and a loose grip. A loose grip on most things, when I think about it?!!

    Macy: I am saving the titties for next Valentine's Day.

    Dinah: Tittle ye not!!!
    I nicked this line from a nice gentleman on Kev's Facebook wall...

    Nick: TATTLES will be covered tomorrow... or the day after....

    Ponita: Thank you! I have to admit that I sometimes force my tittles apon Mr Beastie, when all he is interested in is a ham and pickle sandwich.

    Ms Nellie: Apologies!! I will soon be resuming my toileting series, my in-depth report of the state of the British toileting experience. I'm sure this will appeal.

    Ms Nurse: Thank you!!

  17. Ms Norma: Thank you!


    Oh good heavens, what is going on with WV code... this looks complicated.

    I am going to have to take WV off... because even I can't read that. Maybe I am a robot?

    I am seeing n... then I haven't a clue... I am going to be here all morning deciphering this.... and am I supposed to leave a gap between the two words?

  18. Are tittles related to skittles in any way? Or vitals? Or peanut brittles?

    And why does the word check now need TWO words? Have the robots upped their literacy levels?

  19. You have the most beautiful tittles on the Interwebs.

  20. Nick: Tittles? I have moved on to my ascenders now, keep up, Nick.
    I believe the robots have improved their literacy levels. Bit scary really.

    MJ: Thank you, I will flick them around wherever I can.