Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Blue Energy

It has been brought to my attention that EDF are now using a bouncy nipple to flaunt their wares. After much discussion with colleagues, cohorts, Geraldine at the bus stop and, Cybill Shepherd, I have discovered that the bouncy nipple is in fact a Zingy stress toy. So not a nipple after all, but a squeezy ball instead - an easy mistake for any of us to make, especially when sallying forth up a darkened alley way. Thankfully EDF is at hand with Blue Energy to light up the passage so that this type of unfortunate mishap should become a thing of the past.

When I first saw this footage I nodded sagely and thought to myself: how clever of EDF to utilise a naked flame to advertise blue energy... then I kind of twigged that they were advertising electricity... and not gas...

Anyhow... I can hear that my washing machine is nearing the spin cycle... who needs Electric Dreams when Good Vibrations are free.

I will be back soon with news of the FGES competition and hopefully MJ will have also returned.