Thursday, 24 May 2012

A Very British Affair..... The Freaking Green Elf Shorts

There is a lot going on in Britain today. As a nation we are being asked to run around with torches and an elderly lady is preparing to have a bit of a do. Oh, and most of us don't have much money, but we are still doing better than Greece.
Meanwhile, I have more important things to think about... such as preparing for the Freakin' Green Elf Shorts competition. I have props to acquire and a photographer's services to engage - when us Brits do something we like to do it properly... or not at all.

The legend of the FGES [Freakin' Green Elf shorts] began in Ohio, USA in 2004 when Andrea Knapp (a British ex-pat) bought a pair of novelty Elf Shorts for her husband George as a gag gift. For a laugh, Andrea took a photograph of George wearing the shorts and posted the pic on her blog. Andrea then decided to turn it into a caption competition, not thinking ANYONE would want to win them.... and the rest is Blogging history.

Put it this way, these shorts are more travelled, more photographed, more talked about, and more cultured than most of us, and as the current shorts wearer it is my duty to continue the caption competition... even though technically I shouldn't really have them... but less said etc, etc...

For a definitive history of the FGES please visit Infomaniac HERE

Please talk amongst yourselves whilst I prepare myself for the competition....