Monday, 29 October 2012

Privacy is the new black....

Right, now that just puts the tin hat on it.... I've just worked out that someone is using pictures from my blog on their online dating profile. Good grief. Why?
In any case, I have had enough of pondering why... why this, why that and why me? I am a very ordinary person... so ordinary that I am going private... in ten minutes time my blogs will be private.

Update: 21st November 2012

Now bored with privacy being the new black. Have now decided that reading books and eating yoghurt is more likely to be the new black... At least until the 5th December when for one hour, from 3am, black becomes the new black... thereafter, wearing sparkly stilletos teamed with a Gabardine mac in Sainsbury's every Thursday afternoon becomes the new black for the next five years.

I hope this helps.

Monday, 1 October 2012

Wide Awake

You know when you've been awake since 2.42am and you've tossed and turned for hours and hours yet you still can't get back to sleep - that.
I've had a variety of things go through my head... I've pondered blogging. Whatever happened to Blogging? Where did everyone go? Whatever happened to Dr Maroon? I'd really like to know what happened to him. Are there so many social forums now that I can't be bothered to use any of them? Should I write a post about nibs for my calligraphy blog? Should I forget about blogging altogether? But then I would miss people... I feel somehow connected through bloggers. And this book I've started reading... is it really worth the effort - The Story of You by Julie Myerson - am I going to get to the end feeling strangely traumatised yet none the wiser, as is often the case with books in this genre? Who was it that wrote the The Disappearing Act of Esme Lennox? I need to know who wrote it... I need to know now...

And other thoughts go round in my head until it is 3.42am and then 4.00am... and then I think I ought to give up trying to do the sleep thing and get up and make tea and have a cigarette and Google Esme Lennox - Maggie O'Farrell - of course! Now that was a book worth reading... and it was The Vanishing Act of Esme Lennox... not disappearing.