Thursday, 22 November 2012

Scarlet Blue - the haunted blog last night I decided to go public, bored with my self enforced isolation I flicked the switch and I am back on the blogosphere.
But lo, what is this? Further to the strange activity in my blog stats [now explained - me being a paranoid angst bunny], my blog is now being haunted by an out of control Google+ button on THIS POST. Apparently I have been shared on Google+ over 74,000 times. Unlikely, as only two people actually use Google+. What is even stranger is that the total shares never gets much past 74,666 before resetting to 74,300. I have watched it, it is bizarre. The only rational explanation is that my blog is haunted... by elder bloggers who are now long gone... jokers from the past... such as Mr Mutley.
It must be so, mustn't it? I would like to know of other paranormal activity happening on other blogs. Anyhow, either I'm being haunted or I'm being scraped by some sort of defective spam bot...

Happy Thanksgiving to the US - save me a turkey drumstick!!