Monday, 29 April 2013

An Award!!!

An award from the very lovely Savvy! To accept it I simply have to answer four questions and then nominate several bloggers who've recently inspired/moved/touched me.

1. If you could change one thing in your life, what would it be?

I would like access to time travel... or time lurking, to be more precise. It's not that I wish to alter time, but I'd like to go back just to revisit old memories in a 'real' way. 

2. If you could repeat any age which would it be?

This is why access to time lurking would be useful... I don't want to relive the whole of my nineteenth year... just the parties... and the fun bits.... I don't want to relive commuting into London... or the time I walked into a parking meter.

3. What really scares you?

THIS really scares me.... cos I was only sort of joking about the time lurking... and this sort of Total Recall e-memory mapping palaver may one day make my time lurking fantasy a reality. Plus, I read THIS recently as well... so I am sort of very scared about all these technological bits and pieces that I don't really understand.

4. If you could be someone else for a day, who would you be?

I would be George Osbourne for the day and I would resign and then I would sign him up for a one way ticket to Mars.

I now have to nominate a few bloggers for this award... you don't have to do this if you don't want to, obvs, but... maybe Wendy, Joey, and Mr Mags might like to have a go? And Dinah, perhaps?? Maybe Z and Tim and Zig....

Yes, I am just name dropping :-)

Tuesday, 2 April 2013


I apologise for abandoning my calligraphy blog, but I have been otherwise engaged with my thrilling new project - FontsUfancy - soon to be launched on a URL near you. I have discovered that writing over fonts is the way forward for my calligraphy... it is a lot easier and means that I no longer have to waste precious time ruling up cards and paper - time which is now better spent watching Real Desperate Housewives or that fab Noel Edmonds on Deal or No Deal. This is my first FontsUfancy experiment:-

This is not Calligraphy.... this is FontsUFancy Calligraphy...

Over the last few weeks I have been downloading as many fonts I can find on the internet, meaning that I now have an extensive font library for my wedding calligraphy clients to choose from, initial market research has proved positive [Mum and Auntie Violet think it's a good idea]. Handwritten envelopes are now a breeze to produce, I no longer have to worry about wonky 'a's' or terrible word spacing, and I can still charge £3.50 a pop.
Obviously I have needed help to get FontsUfancy up and running. My niece Charmaine has helpfully offered to work the printer, she is a resourceful young girl and is doing this with just one digit on her left hand leaving herself free to update Facebook with her right. Her BFF, Krystella, who is predicted to get a GCSE grade C in art this summer, is colouring in the lightly printed fonts using a blend of watercolour paint and felt-tips, when she tires of this I have granted her permission to play merry with the crayons. It will look fashionably arty and I doubt anyone will be any the wiser. Terrance [age 14 - only three inexplicable stains on his hoodie] is on loan from Carol next door, and has kindly offered to work the Twitter feed; he has had more success with this since I pointed out that the word is 'awesome' NOT 'whoresome', it is not his fault that he has a speech impediment and that he was taught to spell phonetically, nevertheless he has promised me 14,000 new followers by tomorrow teatime due to his flourishing relationship with party planner @Pamsbigfavours, and networking queen @100wayswithchaircovers - both have promised to feature FontsUfancy on their widely read blogs [300,000 new readers every hour according to their stats].
Meanwhile, Dave from down the pub is in charge of web design and copy; I have suggested that words and phrases such as 'professional', 'experienced', 'gorgeous yet affordable', be sprinkled liberally throughout... possibly in every other sentence, just to punch home just how experienced, professional, gorgeous yet affordable FontsUfancy really is in comparison to its competitors.

This may well be the end for Scarlet Blue Calligraphy, but please wish me well with this exciting new venture - should be all systems go by late April!!

First published on Scarlet Blue Calligraphy 07/03/2013