Wednesday, 15 May 2013

In the Bleak Mid May...

It is May. It is bleak. Here are a couple of things to cheer me up.

Firstly, THE FREAKIN' GREEN ELF SHORTS COMPETITION!!!!! Yes, they're back!!! And they could be yours!!! All you have to do is leave a caption on Mr Devine's post - imagine, you too could one day feel the soft silky texture of the FGES clinging to your buttocks, trust me, it's a magical experience that will haunt bring joy to you for the rest of your life.

Secondly, the last episode of Endeavour on ITV featured a rather talented young lady called Rachel Darcy, not only does she sing rather well, but she also plays the Ukulele. Here is a clip from Youtube and also a link to her Facebook page.

And on Facebook where you can listen to her latest music.

Thirdly, a confession....

I hardly ever buy Fairy... because when I run out of my favourite washing up liquid, I do what all these lovely ladies in this advert do, I pay a blonde haired little girl to nick a couple of bottles from Tesco's. Never ask a blonde haired little boy to do this... he will only come back with something silly... like a tin of Heinz Beans, or he'll stuff a Dairylea Triangle down his trousers, which will cause unsightly stains, meaning you will have to pay the blonde haired little girl extra money to nick a box of of Fairy Liquitabs.

Lastly, I am very busy. One day I will share my busyness. One day I will blog properly again.