Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Home Sweet Home

I have been somewhat unsettled of late, so unsettled that I have popped up HERE, HERE and now HERE AGAIN. I am behaving like the proverbial wandering jew, not really knowing where I'm going to pop up next. I have decided to come home, because this blog feels like home... even though, strictly speaking, this isn't my original blog, which is HERE - those at the back clicking furiously through bizarely similar looking blogs PLEASE KEEP UP. I have created something of a blog maze and I aim to clear up this mess by forcing myself to stay on this blog. It is my New Year's resolution; I know we haven't done Christmas yet, but I am a forward planner. Any calligraphy I do will go on Wonky Words. I think all my moving around is simply a reflection of what is going on in my life; I am always moving house, and I'm about to do it again hence why I've been a little stressed and humourless lately. Mr Flies has, in some respects, gripped me by the shoulders and given me a bloody good shake and woken me from my gloomy stupor.

There is something I've wanted to do on this blog for a very long time, and that is to create a Visitors' Book, a simple record of everyone who has ever graced the comment box on this blog or the old archive blog. It will most likely be their name; the date of their first [and perhaps last] comment; a note indicating whether they are still blogging, and if not, whether they can be found elsewhere i.e. Facebook; and maybe one of their old comments. I think this would be a nice thing to do. I set about looking up my dusty annuls the other day, it was a revelation, and I wondered if other bloggers ever read their old posts and comments?

This is an extract from one of my old posts a few months before I started getting comments:-

Not only is the house flying . . . but it's eating flesh as well . . . I had this stupid vision in my head all day yesterday. I wonder why?

I think I'm busy, so have a good day and beware low flying flesh eating bungalows . . .

I remember writing this and being in a fit of giggles... and now I am indeed wondering why? There are far worse extracts I could have used than this one... apparently I used to have a brother... I'm wondering what happened to him? I shall have to reintroduce him at some point, he sounded fun. That's the one thing I've learnt about blogging and that is that it pays to be consistent.

Here's to a settled New Year [even if New Year is starting early!]