Monday, 9 December 2013

Christmas Postcard

Do you remember the postcard I sent you on 11th July 2009? In case it has slipped your memory here is a reminder:-

This fine fellow posed for me in St Ives, Cornwall, in 2009. I usually go to St Ives at least once a year and every year I have tried to return to the exact same spot to photograph the exact same seagull. I missed him in 2010, but here he is in 2011:-

And again in 2012:-

I did visit this exact same spot in 2013... but alas, Mr Seagull was nowhere to be seen... I was distraught, close to despair. To console myself I wandered into this shop and bought some fine wine to wash away my sorrows:-

Anyhow, I will try to locate Mr Seagull in 2014. So that I can send another postcard. I am sure he is fine... simply away somewhere feasting on chips and ketchup.

Meanwhile, this might be my last post before Christmas as I am packing up my house in preparation for moving on Thursday 19th December... because of this I am not yet really in the Christmas mood and haven't yet bought any Christmas cards... hence the genius idea of bunging up some old postcards.

Well, I am off then... closer to Cornwall... closer to Mr Seagull... see you on the other side of my move....

Oh! Before I go, Mr Beastie is also moving and packing up his house, but we are not moving in together.... no, seriously, WE ARE NOT moving in together. That would be silly. But it has been nice to have a moving buddy to chat with regarding all the highs and lows of the moving experience.

And lastly, my 2008 Visitors' Book is now complete. It contains a list of everyone who visited the Scarlet Blue archive blog in 2008 and their first ever comment. I will be starting on 2009 in the New Year.

Happy Christmas!!


Friday, 6 December 2013

For MJ.... Missing in Action

Originally posted in the Scarlet Blue Archive on Saturday 5th February 2011 as part of my in depth Tarot card reading series. MJ has recently vanished from our screens. Rare appearances have occurred, but we miss her.

This is the third in a series of eagerly awaited and incredibly popular Tarot reading posts.

Legal Niceties:

Please remember that these readings are for fun and entertainment purposes only etc, etc... It is also worth noting that your home is at risk if you do not keep up repayments on a mortgage etc, etc, etc, blah, blah, blah...

As promised, this reading is for Mistress MJ and it promises to be something a bit special.

Before choosing her cards, I must first engage with her avatar... apologies MJ, this may make you sneeze...

Right, deep breath, here we go...

PAST: I will gloss over the various baking incidents, generally you are a gentle individual who is kind to old ladies and you have a fascination with squirrels. One unfortunate incident with an over filled icing bag should not be held against you; okay, so it may have taken your Aunt 3 hours to explain the situation to the arresting officer, and five hours for the surgeon to remove the nozzle from a sensitive region, but never mind, these things happen.

And let's face it, you redeemed yourself when you started knitting sweaters for penguins.

Instead I will focus on the strong images that the cards are giving me.

I see a man. Actually I see lots of men, most of them are senior and they are nekkid. But there is one man who stands out from the rest.


I see a dark haired man in a position of authority. He has been a highly influential figure in your life. He is connected to you being stunningly successful in your career... I see glamour... I see the Canadian curling team.... I see chocolate hob-nobs... I see nekkid old men again.... Anyhow... at some point in your past you learnt a harsh lesson, which was not to put ambition before your own emotional needs.

PRESENT: A huge dollop of luck is making itself manifest. Quite frankly, right now you can do no wrong and you are benefiting from being generous to others. You are now in a very harmonious place in your life.

But this harmony has been found through struggle and perhaps there has been a loss?

Future: Steady yourself for conflict... love perhaps. Your inner instincts must be handled firmly, but they must not be ignored or repressed. Out of this conflict you will emerge stronger. But this could also mean that you are in pursuit of a love object... someone has something that you believe belongs to somebody else. I can see you battling through a jungle of tropical delights; being thrown into confusion by a funhouse mirror and almost being thwarted by a gathered thong [boil washed and very grey]. I see you on a roadtrip....

...teaming up with a very attractive blonde lady and together you will reclaim what rightfully belongs to me her....

I am exhausted and the visions are fading....

Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Let's Feel Good

It is official, the girls from Boots are no longer coming. They are no longer expected to flock together to single handedly produce Christmas from their stockings. They can relax in comfort wearing 367 hr deodorant and winged padded pants, leaving all Christmas preparation to young teenage Nick. Thankfully Boots have seen the error of their marketing ways, they have rescinded their 'girls only' policy and have finally flung their doors open to boys. Not men. Not yet. To be fair I think Boots have a point, I feel it might be a challenge to motivate fully grown men, after a lifetime of Xmas incapacity, into doing their own Christmas shopping. Boots are correct, the best idea is to catch men of the male persuasion at an early age, while they are still malleable enough to be taught how to take on the mantle of Christmas responsibility. The role model Boots have chosen is the charming young Nick, who is seen racing up April's Street, eager to deliver his sack load of goodies, and he does this all on foot, on his own, without any help from Rudolph the red nosed Rayleigh Bike, or even a stray green elf. Or his mum. We all hope that he is indeed a saint in the making. We all hope that Nick will grow up socially adept; gain a good maths degree; set up a direct debit to Macmillan Cancer Support; marry the lovely April [fittest girl in year 10]; generally have a lovely life and buy bigger presents. But, of course, this is the stuff of Christmas dreams - the time of year to believe that we are cuddly and snuggly and that all wrongs can righted with the purchase of perfumes and electrical goods. This is the season of goodwill and for not swearing at those who steal the last seat on the train when we are overburdened with shopping bags; this is the season for being able to cut someone up on the roundabout and not be threatened with a baseball bat; this is the season when we want to believe that we all love each other really.
Sadly, the most likely outcome is that come January 1st, our lovely young Nick [now skint and 2 stone heavier thanks to festive feasting] will be found auditioning for a part in the new Wonga advert, offering loans at 5853% APR to people who invested deeply into the televisual orgy of Santa fuelled fantasy. People who simply wanted to feel a warm fuzzy glow will now be feeling the heat from a different sort of Nick.... from Saint Nick to Old Nick without leaving the sofa or changing the Chanel.
Now doesn't that make you feel good?