Sunday, 19 January 2014


Yes, I am late with my happy wishes, and many of you have started the New Year without me, but I have only just found the cable to connect this PC to the internet. This is because I moved on the 19th December, in betwixt the rain and damnation. Christmas didn't happen. I ignored it. I bought only two presents. I didn't overeat, but I enjoyed the Christmas telly. Wonderful, I might ignore Christmas more often. Other joyous news is that one month on, as well as finding the connection cable I also found the kitchen scissors, and yesterday, I bought a cutlery organiser - finally, everything is right with the world. My spatula is no longer mingling with the knives and forks; my cookie cutters are no longer having a meaningful relationship with the bread knife and my potato peeler is no longer carrying on beneath the tea spoons; they now know their place.
After four years of renting I can now unpack stuff that has been stored away and I can now hammer nails into the walls and hang pictures. It is thrilling. AND, instead of buying a rickety old shed masquerading as a cutesy cottage in the overpopulated South East, I have finally bought a proper house in the underpopulated South West. There are windows that open properly, there is plumbing that works, there is double glazing!!!! There is enough space to swing all manner of things.... and there is this glorious floor in the hallway.... It may be grubby at the minute, but it is my floor, not a floor belonging to a landlord, and the only admonishments I have to worry about are the ones from Mr Files.

PLUS... I have almost cut my living costs in half by not having to pay bonkers rent. I am looking forward to decorating in the Spring [if we have one this year], although I like the decor here, it does need freshening up... and, well, it never feels quite like home until there have been a few Dulux mishaps..... and did I mention the far reaching views to the south featuring the Dartmoor tors and a few cows? I have tried to take a picture of the view but the sun is too bright this morning. I will try another day.

So far I like it here.