Thursday, 13 February 2014


....I am referring to the weather. It is getting a bit silly now, and not only in the UK. It is silly in parts of Europe and very silly in the US - so I've been reliably informed. Enough is enough!! I am very distracted by the weather at the minute and have become slightly obsessed.

Meanwhile, here is the promised view of Dartmoor from my dining room/studio:-

Click to make big! This was taken a couple of weeks ago in a rare sunny minute. Dartmoor is actually quite a way away to the south... I am lucky to be high up and away from the flood waters... although there is localised flooding.

In other news, I was quite cheered up when I stumbled across this:- a nice bottle of perfume with a lovely label.
I am very chuffed by this! I was asked by a designer to write some words... and then the word 'Freesia' wot I wrote in calligraphy turned up here!!! Seriously chuffed... and all down to the power of blogging!! I think this bottle of perfume would make a lovely Valentine's present.

Admittedly, I have been spending more time perusing Facebook than blogs recently - shame on me - But, through the power of Facebook I have discovered the following things about myself:-

a) That I am middle-lower-middle class, like David Brent from The Office.

b) That if I were a sex toy then I would be a pair of handcuffs. (Should that be 'were' or 'was'?)

c) That if I were a 90's Alt-Rock Girl then I would be Kim Gordon from Sonic Youth.

d) That if I were in a musical then I would be in Cabaret.

e) That I belong in the 1920's.

f) That I'm not Scottish.

e) That I am as British as Stephen Fry walking a corgi outside Buckingham Palace.

f) That if I were in Friends, I would be part Rachel and part Monica.

g) That if I were a philosopher I would be Sartre/Camus.

h) That I am 36% POSH.

i) That I am 74% Essex.

j) That I am 5% Northern.

k) That I am hated by The Daily Mail.

l) That I have wasted a fair bit of time doing Facebook quizzes.

Of course, it's all startlingly true.