Friday, 30 May 2014

My May Post....

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On Monday 2nd June 2008 I published my very first Scarlet Blue post, it consisted of a title and five words. I started as I meant to go on. It is HERE. My first posts veered towards the fictional... but they were unselfconscious because I didn't expect anyone to ever read them. I was just messing around. The internet was a little bit smaller; Facebook and Twitter were places I had no intention of visiting; Tumblr wasn't on my radar; MySpace was messy; Wordpress was complicated, and Google+,Pinterest, Instagram, didn't even exist. In June 2008 Blogspot was where everyone was at... a bit like a very popular pub.
I remember the day I wrote that first post, it was sunny and I was up in the attic where the computer was based... and I thought to myself - this is going to be my thing, a secret place where I will write silly made up stuff and I will never tell anyone about it, not ever [that thought lasted about an hour]. It felt safe... but a little bit daring.. and fresh... and strangely private. How things change!!!? I miss the early excitement I had about Blogger... and it was exciting when I started interacting with other bloggers, I don't think we ever get that type of initial excited feeling back - it is a one time only feeling. I'm glad I had the experience.
In comparison with 2008, 2014 feels like a social networking bog... over crowded and sucking me down, sometimes I think I join new places just to see if I can get the buzz that I originally got from Blogger, from here. I never do.

Here is a tune to help me celebrate my upcoming bloggy birthday.

The lyrics say it all. And sheep and German Shepherd Dogs have loomed large in my life.